Altered Tunings

-I was delighted to launch this workshop in July 2017 in Elgin (Moray Region), Scotland. I’m looking forward to offering this workshops again.

An Introduction to Altered Tunings

With Wilson Noble

Many famous Guitar Players, Bands and Artists around the world have utilised Altered Tunings in their guitar playing, which often, due to the difference in sounds and use of technique has allowed their guitar playing to stand out from others. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, Joni Mitchell, Robert Johnson, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and John Renbourn are just a few of the famous guitar players that have all used Altered Tunings in their guitar playing, and often in their most famous recordings.

In this workshop we will be exploring different ways to play the guitar using Altered Tunings. We will be going on a journey from Standard Tuning through three different Altered Tunings, allowing us to begin to explore the different sounds, techniques, styles, and resonance available to the guitar with Altered Tunings.

Some of the main reasons why guitar players choose to use Altered Tunings in their playing are to enhance the natural resonance of the guitar, for ease of playing (it can often be easier to play the guitar in Altered Tunings), and to play pieces of music that are otherwise impossible in Standard Tuning.

What You Will Learn

1. What are Altered Tunings and Why use them?
2. Three Altered Guitar Tunings
3. Techniques and ideas for using Altered Tunings

What to Bring

1. Acoustic Guitar (Essential)
2. Tuner (If you have one)
3. Slide (If you have one)

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