Universe Sings (Single) Official Release March 31st

And I feel my soul, oh so old I am here for you The sun, the earth, and the moon in the sky They unite, to tell us why, we are here We are here I know it’s been, such a long, long time Searching for purpose, in this great design The universe sings, callingContinue reading “Universe Sings (Single) Official Release March 31st”

2006 What is & where is album released

‘What is & Where is’ is a collection of songs recorded in Aberdeen/Scotland 2006 after a nine month travel experience in Australia and South East Asia. The songs are a mixture of mellow folk inspired tracks, upbeat acoustic blues rock tracks, acoustic guitar instrumentals, spoken word and songs with world music influences. “At the ageContinue reading “2006 What is & where is album released”

Video Interview – Jan 2018

Had a really nice time at North Highland College in Alness/Scotland (Highlands) last month being interviewed and recorded by two music students for a Monthly Podcast. One of the music students ‘Ryan Raymond’ captured our interview on camera and has created the the video interview below. In it we talk about my musical influences, background,Continue reading “Video Interview – Jan 2018”

Alignment – New Video for a New Year!

Happy New Year folks!  –  here we go into 2018… For the new year yesterday I published a new video for my recent release ‘Alignment’. Alignment is a very mellow and meditative song of acoustic guitar + vocal. I recorded this song in my home studio in Perth/Scotland 2015 (between my kitchen and hallway) afterContinue reading “Alignment – New Video for a New Year!”

Glasgow Songwriting Festival 18-20 Aug

Just got back yesterday from the Glasgow Songwriting Festival. It was a jam packed educational and creative experience focusing on Songwriting skills, craft and technique. The festival was held over three days, between three venues in Glasgow, and was taught by four professional songwriters/tutors/performers. The first night included an opening concert from all four tutorsContinue reading “Glasgow Songwriting Festival 18-20 Aug”