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New Album: ‘Here Now’ Celebrating Ten Years – Out Sun Oct 14th

Wilson Noble - Here Now

Hi folks, I’m excited to announce that my new album ‘Here Now’ will be out everywhere this Sunday 14th October. ‘Here Now’ is a 14 track compilation album that celebrates and spans the first ten years of my busy recording career!

From intro track ‘Pray’ recorded in a home-studio 2004 in Aberdeen to final track ‘Warmheart’ recorded at Temple Records Studios in Midlothian and released in 2014, the album celebrates and showcases the depth and variety of my first ten years in the studio and I’m very excited to share it with you!

I’ve done my best to create it as an introduction to who I am as an Artist – I know that knowing where someone comes from and where they have been gives you the best idea, sense, and sight towards where they might be going…

It’s taken a good few years to bring this one together, as I’ve been preparing my ten year catalogue for independent release, as well as studying two full-time music degree’s, and working as a freelance guitar tutor. For all of my music fans over the past ten (and more) years, thank you for all of your support, it means the world to me, and I hope you enjoy this new compilation album celebrating my first ten years.. And to any new Wilson Noble music fans I hope this album offers a great insight and introduction to who I am as an Artist, letting you see where I have been, and giving you a good idea towards where I am going..

“Here Now encompasses and brings together five separate recording sessions, captured within three regions of Scotland, and encapsulates Wilson’s conscious blend of folk-inspired acoustic singer-songwriting material. A must-have and listen for any new or existing Wilson Noble fan!”

‘Here Now’ is out everywhere October 14th!

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*This album is completely independently produced*

Double – Single – Release

I experienced a prolific period of work early on in my music career and it has taken me many years to catch up with my own creative outputs, as well as to embody and come to peace with my own creative work. These two songs ‘I Will Not Accept These Beliefs’ and ‘Where in the World’ are part of a larger body of work that I am currently in process of releasing. I hope you enjoy them!

Both songs were written between 2007-2008 in Edinburgh/Scotland when I lived in a cottage on a rural estate and had began my journey as a full-time musician. I had no idea at the time where this journey was going to lead me, or know just how much would be involved… It’s been nothing short of a total rollercoaster and transformational life journey so far, I am continually amazed and overwhelmed by the past ten years of my life, and here is just a wee taste of the journey.

IWNATBI Will Not Accept These Beliefs

A mellow song of acoustic guitar and voice about questioning and rejecting mass media along with deeply embedded cultural and religious beliefs, and ultimately finding peace of mind and balance in todays world through personal empowerment.

‘I Will Not Accept These Beliefs’ was composed in Edinburgh/Scotland 2007. Recorded in a home studio Perth/Scotland 2015. Released in Inverness/Scotland 2018.


Where in the WorldCover Final RGB

‘Where in the World’ was recorded in a home studio in Edinburgh, 2009 to be part of a charity compilation album titled ‘The Sounds of Green Tara’ for the Tibetan ‘Green Tara’ charity. The song is about spiritual questioning and searching for a sense of place both culturally and in human incarnated form.

The song was recorded by Neil Craig in Edinburgh/Scotland 2009 at his then mobile recording studio, along with friend and musician Scott Young providing claves as percussion.


I will Not Accept These Beliefs

I wake up to see this world
This beautiful place
I’m here in my body my soul and I can feel the sun on my face

But I cant believe the news today I cant believe these lies
Keep spreading like widfire in people lives
I cant believe this is happening I wont accept deceit
These lies these wars this hypocrisy

I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs

But I can see them for what they are just tools so you can see the light
Just relative energy formations these crimes you see without the dark there is no light
Without up where’s down there is no love without fear in fact they are one in the same
We can transcend this we will ascend this time our freedom our birthright it waits
Unlock the door see visions so clear follow your sacred path away from these lies
From these lies

I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs

Where in the World

I woke up in this world oh this world this world today
I’ve been trying to understand it well I guess I will be here
For a while for a while
But that’s ok thats ok that’s ok with me that’s ok with me

But there’s still one question burns in my mind
Where on earth where else could I have woken up if not here
Is there more much more more than this I am sure that there is

But then why waste time wondering if there is more when all around is enough
Well I guess my appetite is just a little strong today
I feel this deep longing inside to go home
To go home

Where in the world where in the world would you go
Where in the world where in the world would you go if you
If you were me

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I Will Not Accept These Beliefs       Where in the World


Track Info

I Will Not Accept These Beliefs

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Wilson Noble PRS
Wilson Noble: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mixed by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mastered by Landr 2016.

Artwork: Wilson Noble 2018.

Copyright 2015-2018 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble

Where in the World

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Wilson Noble PRS
Wilson Noble: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Scott Young: Percussion

Recorded by Neil Craig 2009.
Mixed by Neil Craig 2009.
Mastered by Landr 2016.

Artwork: Wilson Noble 2018.

Copyright 2009-2018 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble


2006 What is & where is album released

Final Cover - Bandcamp Size‘What is & Where is’ is a collection of songs recorded in Aberdeen/Scotland 2006 after a nine month travel experience in Australia and South East Asia.

The songs are a mixture of mellow folk inspired tracks, upbeat acoustic blues rock tracks, acoustic guitar instrumentals, spoken word and songs with world music influences.

“At the age of 25 I went travelling throughout Eastern Australia and South East Asia. The songs, music and poetry you hear on this album are a direct result from that journey and what was such a life-changing time for me and so full of inspiration.

When I returned to my then hometown in Aberdeen/Scotland, with the help of musician friends, we set about recording this album”

Listen to the album in its entirety here.

‘What is & Where is’ was a group effort of friends and family in Aberdeenshire/Scotland, each contributing skills, musicianship and support.

From the recording of the album we went on to create a six-piece folk rock band that performed many of the songs from this album, including performances at ‘Breemie Midsummer Festival, June 2006 – Aberdeenshire/Scotland’ ‘The Blue Lamp, Sep & Nov 2006 – Aberdeen/Scotland’ and an album launch at ‘The Lemon Tree, January 2007 – Aberdeen/Scotland’. The album went on to become a firm favourite with Wilson’s father & mother who at the time became his biggest fans!

*Below is a collection of photograph’s of ‘Who are the Band’ from some of the different performances aforementioned.

Who are the Band sm


‘What is & Where is’ was recorded and mixed in a home studio over a six month period in 2006, and then finally mastered in 2016.

Purchase/Listen to the album in its entirety here