Crowdfunder Success! ‘HUMAN’ Album is Out Now!

Delighted to announce that after a very busy & succesful November & December Crowdfunding for the release of my brand new studio album. ‘HUMAN’ is Out Now! Available as a beautiful Eco-friendly 4-Panel CD, Digital Download, & for Streaming. HUMAN is available worldwide on: Bandcamp (CD / Download / Stream) Itunes (Download) Spotify (Streaming) EverywhereContinue reading “Crowdfunder Success! ‘HUMAN’ Album is Out Now!”

‘Awakening’ Out May 20th!

Delighted to share that the 3rd Single from my new forthcoming studio album will be out on May 20th. ‘Awakening’ is a live-looped instrumental guitar track built up of layers of sound… With the theme of the track based in mirroring the journey of the awakening of human consciousness… It is a total joy toContinue reading “‘Awakening’ Out May 20th!”

Oceans & Trees (2nd Single!)

You know it’s gonna be the ocean You know we’re gonna sail the sea You know it’s gonna be the ocean Deep down inside of you, deep down inside of me We’ve waited oh so long, for you We’ve waited all our lives, for you You know it’s gonna be the ocean You know we’reContinue reading “Oceans & Trees (2nd Single!)”

Universe Sings (Single) Official Release March 31st

And I feel my soul, oh so old I am here for you The sun, the earth, and the moon in the sky They unite, to tell us why, we are here We are here I know it’s been, such a long, long time Searching for purpose, in this great design The universe sings, callingContinue reading “Universe Sings (Single) Official Release March 31st”