HUMAN (Limited Edition 4-Panel Ecofile CD) 2019

Released in December 2019 via succesful Crowdfunder Wilson’s fourth independent and latest album is available as a 4-Panel Ecofile CD.

TWIN SOUL ‘OUR STORY’ – Warmheart & Fall & Rise (Special Edition 6-Panel Ecofile Double CD) 2014

Recorded and produced between 2012-2014 at Temple Records studio Midlothian/Scotland. This Special Edition Double Album Ecofile CD includes both albums ‘Warmheart’ and ‘Fall and Rise’ presented how they were always meant to be ~ side by side as one whole.

WARMHEART (Digital Download) 2014

HERE NOW (Digital Download) 2014

WHAT IS & WHERE IS (Limited Edition Jewel Case Double CD) 2006

Released in late 2006. Wilson’s second independent album is available as a Double Jewel Case CD.

HEARTSPACE (Digital Download) 2014

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos (Digital Download) 2018