HUMAN (Limited Edition 4-Panel Ecofile CD) 2019

Released in December 2019 via succesful Crowdfunder Wilson’s fourth independent and latest album is available as a 4-Panel Ecofile CD.

TWIN SOUL – Our Story ‘Warmheart’ & ‘Fall & Rise’ (Special Edition 6-Panel Ecofile Double CD) 2014

Recorded and produced between 2012-2014 at Temple Records studio near Edinburgh/Scotland. This Special Edition Double Album comes in a beautiful 6-panel Ecofile CD. During the recording of ‘Warmheart’ throughout 2012 – 2013, Wilson’s beloved partner Suzanne Eggins recorded her debut acoustic album ‘Fall and Rise’. This very special Limited Edition Double Album Ecofile CD includes both albums ‘Warmheart’ and ‘Fall and Rise’ presented how they were always meant to be ~ side by side as one whole.

What is & Where is (Limited Edition Jewel Case Double CD) 2006

Released in late 2006. Wilson’s second independent album is available as a Double Jewel Case CD.