‘Promotional Video’ (Inverness Food & Drink Tours Ltd)

– In August 2019 I contributed a song recording (& some acting skills!) to a new business venture in the Highlands of Scotland, and I am delighted with the result. I was approached and met with the director of the business in July 2019, and loved the initiative with its focus on celebrating and promoting local culture in the City of Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland.

The video was shot throughout Inverness showcasing the vibrancy and live culture of the city. As well as my song ‘Oceans & Trees’ from my latest album ‘HUMAN’ being used as the musical background to the video, I also took part in some of the filming for the day with a live street performance and acting within an outdoor bar scene (see if you can spot me!).

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‘Island’ (Starcatchers & Frozen Charlotte)

Photo Credit: Diane Smith

– In October 2019, I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the development of a new performance art production for babies and parents. The development was based in the Moray Region of Scotland, were as a group of four creative professionals over five full days we imagined, co-created and developed a new performance experience for babies. The development involved co-creating a new production and testing ideas with live audiences. My role involved co-writing and co-developing the music and delivering a live performance experience for the production.

Island is a new performance experience for babies.  A collaboration between Starcatchers and Frozen Charlotte ProductionsIsland embarks on an adventure to explore ideas around the experiences of parents and babies and their relationships with one another. The joys of being in your own encapsulated little world and also the isolation that can come with it.  Testing the water, checking if you are ready to send your child out into the world, out across the ocean… No! Not yet – too soon…?  Exploring feelings of idlic paradise juxtaposed with feelings of being marooned.”

Darklands (Liam Ross)

– In April 2019, I was very happy to be asked to contribute to friend and fellow university peer Liam Ross‘s final project for his Masters music degree. My contribution involved independently recording a spoken word performance of T.S. Eliots poem ‘The Wasteland’ which was used (in part) for a track ‘Darklands’ on Liam’s new album ‘Hearts and faces and abandoned spaces’ (video below).

“The first single from the “Hearts and Faces and Abandoned Spaces” album. Darklands is about the Inchindown Oil Tanks. It is the home of the longest echo in the world which you can hear in the track. A massive thank you to all my friends for reading “The Wasteland” by T.S.Eliot.

The album focuses on abandoned locations in Scotland and its main themes are the passing of time and moving on. Each song represents a building or feeling and the one released today is about the Inchindown Oil Tanks. This massive structure is home to the longest echo in the world and this can be heard in the song”

White Noise Suicide (HewSwim)

HedSwim - Video Shoot (13)
Photo Credit: HedSwim

– In December 2018, I was very happy to be asked to contribute as a session musician to Moray Rock Band HedSwim‘s debut music video and song recording for their debut single ‘White Noise Suicide’.

The video was shot in Forres/Scotland in December 2018 by video production company Poppycock Films. My role involved rehearsal with the band, co-development of the music video idea, along with composing and independently recording a guitar part to be included in the final mastered recording of the song, and performing in the music video (shown below).

‘Connect’ (Aberdeen Performing Arts Associate Artist Programme 2015)

Connect Bow
Photo Credit: Aberdeen Performing Arts (Lights Oot: Connect:ed – Final Concert)

– Between August 2015 – March 2016, I was delighted to be a part of the ‘Connect’ project in Aberdeen. The Connect project was a new initiative from Aberdeen Performing Arts inviting two Nationally recognised artists to be resident artists in Aberdeen venues ‘The Lemon Tree‘ and ‘The Music Hall‘ for 2015. The two artists for the programme were ‘Aidan O’Rourke’ & ‘Jason Singh’ with the programme seeking these artists to collaborate together and with the local community over the course of a year.

My role was rehearsing as part of the full group during the project preparing for a final performance at the Aberdeen Music Hall before the venue was to close for 18 months for a multi-million pound renovation. The final concert: Lights Oot: Connect:ed took place on March 31st 2016, it was a full house and a great succes with many local musicians collaborating with the artists in residence before our final Connect performance.