Glasgow Songwriting Festival 18-20 Aug

Just got back yesterday from the Glasgow Songwriting Festival. It was a jam packed educational and creative experience focusing on Songwriting skills, craft and technique. The festival was held over three days, between three venues in Glasgow, and was taught by four professional songwriters/tutors/performers.

The first night included an opening concert from all four tutors (Findlay Naper, Emma Pollock, Karine Polwart, Jim Hunter), it was a lovely, warm, and friendly evening held at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, and a great opportunity for the majority of the festival goers to begin to get to know each other.


Over the next two days we were put into small groups and taught by all four tutors over the two full days. It was an intensive time, a lot of learning, and exploring different songwriting tips and techniques from each tutor. I found it very wholesome being taught by all four tutors, it was a great and well rounded experience looking at and teaching from different angles.

On the second night almost all of the group descended on a local bowling club social venue for an evening sing-around. It was brilliant a night of sharing music, collaborations, and things we had learnt and songs we had written on the day, as well as a very enjoyable and sociable evening of musical celebration! I loved it!

The whole event was very well organised and very organic, open, positive, and constructive, a real community as well as individual learning experience. There was so much to it – I enjoyed the entire the thing. I have learnt a lot from each of the classes, as well as being given the opporunity to collaboratively work, meet, and network with new creative peers.

I’d thoroughly recommend it! Look forward to more of this in the future 😉

Guitar Workshop – An Introduction to Altered Tunings (Elgin/Scotland) July 29th!

Delighted to be presenting a Guitar Workshop on Altered Tunings this month with Moray Music Lessons in Elgin/Scotland.

Altered Tunings on the guitar is something I have been interested in for a very long time. I regularly use a number of Alternative Tunings in my music and repertoire – in fact some of the first music I ever learnt was in an Altered Tuning, and I’ve never looked back since.

I was with Tom from Moray Music Lessons just the other day and we created this wee video (below) to promote the upcoming workshop.

Read the full description and sign up here at:

Facebook Event:


I’m really looking forward to this. See you there!

We Wander (Live Video)

Today I recorded a live version of a new song titled ‘We Wander’. This song is based around a repeating musical pattern using an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal (RC 300). The lyrical theme of the song is about life’s ‘journey’ and the many turns and winds life presents whilst still mysteriously keeping us on track. The vocal is sung with a gentle storytelling feel to accompany the music.

Watch the video below:



Walking around the hills could take you far from here
Then you’ll know where you’ve been
I know…
And if you get lost on you way, don’t you worry, at all
There’ll be plenty of time for you to go back again

And so we wander
Oh we wonder
And so we wonder
Oh we wander

Copyright 2017 Wilson Noble / Twin Soul.
All Rights Reserved.

All About the Song – 13th June: Glasgow

Street Art – Glasgow

Had a great wee time visiting Glasgow earlier this week at The Scottish Music Centre. I went down to attend a workshop called ‘All About the Song’ hosted by the Musicians Union & BASCA.

The workshop was an opportunity for people to get feedback from a panel of Industry Professionals on their songs. It was a great group of around twenty people, all with a wide range and diversity of music to share – I took down a rough recording of a new arrangement of a song I’ve been working on. The panel was really helpful, with constructive and positive feedback all round. Something to take home and think about definitely!

Panelists included Dan Moore (Basca), Mike Macdermid (Scottish singer/songwriter), Keren McKean (Snow Patrol), and Derick Mackinnon (New Found Sound) stepped in last minute to replace Marcus Mackay who couldn’t be there.


Workshop Description:

“The MU and BASCA invite you to attend a workshop for songwriters, giving you the opportunity to receive feedback on your songs and to share lessons, tools and techniques to help you as a songwriter.

Sessions include an In Conversation and Q&A with Songwriter Mike Macdermid, and a song critique panel with Mike Macdermid, Marcus Mackay, Keren McKean and Dan Moore.”

As well as the workshop, it was a great round trip around a good half of Scotland in a day for me. From Moray (Elgin) to the Highlands down the Cairngorms to Perth then the Central Belt, then back up the East coast through Angus (Dundee), to Aberdeen before back to Elgin. I absolutely loved seeing and experiencing all the scenery and sensing all the different regions as we went through them. What a bonny country we live in!


Isle of Lewis – Stornoway 2017

Travel to LewisJust got back from Stornoway after a week long Residential with the BA (Hons) Applied Music degree. It was brilliant! – just shy of a hundred music students from all over Scotland & the Islands descended on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides for the end of year residential.

The residential involved 4 days of performances, music exams, sessions, jams, gigs and all round get togethers. For my part, this residential was the culmination of my BA(Hons) Applied Music degree. On Tues 25th April at 5pm I took to the stage at An Lanntair in Stornoway for my final year honours performance. It was an incredible experience where I performed a 40 minute set which I have been preparing and arranging since September last year.

It was fair nerve-racking but I am happy with the result, and delighted to have done this. It’s been an amzing journey bringing my music together for this, and I am Sooo looking forward to touring and playing more with this music!

I’ll leave it here for now with a wee taste of my adventure in Stornoway. Here is a Video Session I did at the ‘Wee Studio’ in Stornoway. This is an Irish tune performed for Fingerstyle guitar. The tune is called ‘Banish Misfortune’ it is in 6/8 timing with tuning DADGAD at capo 2. Enjoy 😉

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– See you there!

New Single ‘HEARTSPACE’ Out March 26th!

heartspace-coverThis is a driving Acoustic Rock song made up of Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, Percussion and Vocals. The song is upbeat, high energy and all about ‘Living in’ your ‘Heart-Space’. This recording of the song was produced at Temple Records Studio near Edinburgh between 2012/2014 with Wilson performing all parts.

To accompany the single a Music Video will be released showcasing footage of Wilson’s performance career since launching himself as a Singer-Songwriter in 2006. The video captures performance footage spanning nine years (2006-2015) from twenty separate performances.

To add to this Wilson is offering You the chance to get your hands on a Free Download of the Single!

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Heartspace will be the first single released on our Independent Record Label ‘Twin Soul’ 

XpoNorth Live 7th-9th June

Had a really great time performing at this years XpoNorth festival in Inverness. I performed a two song acoustic set along with an interview for the XpoNorth broadcast channel. You can watch the performance below:

Below are some pictures from my experience of the festival showcasing local and national bands, industry panels, broadcast interviews, and national music projects. It was a really great event – I’d recommend anyone with an interest in the Creative Industries
check it out!

Stornoway 18th – 23rd April

A rare time in Stornoway last month at the last residential for the BA Applied Music degree this academic year. It was a special experience as this was the first year of graduates from the new BA applied music course (not me though, I graduate next year!).

As usual with these residentials, a lot happens over the days. For me, my main concern was my guitar/performance assessment and two scheduled performances happening during the week. Along with this, I thoroughly enjoyed all the 4th year performances, the workshops and classes I attended, catching up with all my fellow peers, and all the people I met – not to mention it was my first time on the Isle of Lewis!

Below is a video and some pictures of my time away.

Evening performance of ‘Esmes Joy’ with the UHI Band.


Pictures/A selection of pictures from my time away.

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