Launching New Guitar Workshop

Delighted to announce my new guitar workshop which I’ll be launching as part of a Concert + Workshop series beginning in Aug this year.

The workshop titled ‘Explorations with Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar‘ is an introductory workshop exploring the very beautiful acoustic guitar technique and style of Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar involves the playing of traditional Celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar. These are melodies that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin), pipes (bagpipes/uilleann pipes) or played as group arrangements in traditional Celtic bands (whistle, pipes, fiddle, bodhran…). The idea is to try and mimic the sounds and techniques of these traditional instruments using the solo guitar… read more

During the workshop we will be exploring:

  • Basic Fingerstyle Technique
  • Altered Guitar Tunings
  • Separating the Melody from the Bass
  • Traditional Ornamentation and Altered Tuning Techniques
  • A full Celtic Fingerstyle arrangement of a popular Irish Jig in the DADGAD Altered Tuning


Wilson Noble - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop sm (Jpg)

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I’m very much looking forward to launching and sharing the workshop as I love this guitar style and technique, it is so enjoyable and rewarding to play. It’s debut will be launched at The Lyth Arts Centre in Wick/Scotland on Thurs 9th August, commencing at 2pm. The workshop will be held in the afternoon before an evening performance of a solo Wilson Noble concert.

Look forward to seeing you there. Contact me if you have any questions.

Double – Single – Release

I experienced a prolific period of work early on in my music career and it has taken me many years to catch up with my own creative outputs, as well as to embody and come to peace with my own creative work. These two songs ‘I Will Not Accept These Beliefs’ and ‘Where in the World’ are part of a larger body of work that I am currently in process of releasing. I hope you enjoy them!

Both songs were written between 2007-2008 in Edinburgh/Scotland when I lived in a cottage on a rural estate and had began my journey as a full-time musician. I had no idea at the time where this journey was going to lead me, or know just how much would be involved… It’s been nothing short of a total rollercoaster and transformational life journey so far, I am continually amazed and overwhelmed by the past ten years of my life, and here is just a wee taste of the journey.

IWNATBI Will Not Accept These Beliefs

A mellow song of acoustic guitar and voice about questioning and rejecting mass media along with deeply embedded cultural and religious beliefs, and ultimately finding peace of mind and balance in todays world through personal empowerment.

‘I Will Not Accept These Beliefs’ was composed in Edinburgh/Scotland 2007. Recorded in a home studio Perth/Scotland 2015. Released in Inverness/Scotland 2018.


Where in the WorldCover Final RGB

‘Where in the World’ was recorded in a home studio in Edinburgh, 2009 to be part of a charity compilation album titled ‘The Sounds of Green Tara’ for the Tibetan ‘Green Tara’ charity. The song is about spiritual questioning and searching for a sense of place both culturally and in human incarnated form.

The song was recorded by Neil Craig in Edinburgh/Scotland 2009 at his then mobile recording studio, along with friend and musician Scott Young providing claves as percussion.


I will Not Accept These Beliefs

I wake up to see this world
This beautiful place
I’m here in my body my soul and I can feel the sun on my face

But I cant believe the news today I cant believe these lies
Keep spreading like widfire in people lives
I cant believe this is happening I wont accept deceit
These lies these wars this hypocrisy

I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs

But I can see them for what they are just tools so you can see the light
Just relative energy formations these crimes you see without the dark there is no light
Without up where’s down there is no love without fear in fact they are one in the same
We can transcend this we will ascend this time our freedom our birthright it waits
Unlock the door see visions so clear follow your sacred path away from these lies
From these lies

I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs
I will not accept these beliefs

Where in the World

I woke up in this world oh this world this world today
I’ve been trying to understand it well I guess I will be here
For a while for a while
But that’s ok thats ok that’s ok with me that’s ok with me

But there’s still one question burns in my mind
Where on earth where else could I have woken up if not here
Is there more much more more than this I am sure that there is

But then why waste time wondering if there is more when all around is enough
Well I guess my appetite is just a little strong today
I feel this deep longing inside to go home
To go home

Where in the world where in the world would you go
Where in the world where in the world would you go if you
If you were me

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I Will Not Accept These Beliefs       Where in the World


Track Info

I Will Not Accept These Beliefs

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Wilson Noble PRS
Wilson Noble: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mixed by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mastered by Landr 2016.

Artwork: Wilson Noble 2018.

Copyright 2015-2018 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble

Where in the World

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Wilson Noble PRS
Wilson Noble: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Scott Young: Percussion

Recorded by Neil Craig 2009.
Mixed by Neil Craig 2009.
Mastered by Landr 2016.

Artwork: Wilson Noble 2018.

Copyright 2009-2018 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble


2006 What is & where is album released

Final Cover - Bandcamp Size‘What is & Where is’ is a collection of songs recorded in Aberdeen/Scotland 2006 after a nine month travel experience in Australia and South East Asia.

The songs are a mixture of mellow folk inspired tracks, upbeat acoustic blues rock tracks, acoustic guitar instrumentals, spoken word and songs with world music influences.

“At the age of 25 I went travelling throughout Eastern Australia and South East Asia. The songs, music and poetry you hear on this album are a direct result from that journey and what was such a life-changing time for me and so full of inspiration.

When I returned to my then hometown in Aberdeen/Scotland, with the help of musician friends, we set about recording this album”

Listen to the album in its entirety here.

‘What is & Where is’ was a group effort of friends and family in Aberdeenshire/Scotland, each contributing skills, musicianship and support.

From the recording of the album we went on to create a six-piece folk rock band that performed many of the songs from this album, including performances at ‘Breemie Midsummer Festival, June 2006 – Aberdeenshire/Scotland’ ‘The Blue Lamp, Sep & Nov 2006 – Aberdeen/Scotland’ and an album launch at ‘The Lemon Tree, January 2007 – Aberdeen/Scotland’. The album went on to become a firm favourite with Wilson’s father & mother who at the time became his biggest fans!

*Below is a collection of photograph’s of ‘Who are the Band’ from some of the different performances aforementioned.

Who are the Band sm


‘What is & Where is’ was recorded and mixed in a home studio over a six month period in 2006, and then finally mastered in 2016.

Purchase/Listen to the album in its entirety here

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar

Within the last four years I have been studying Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar. It has been, and continues to be, such a pleasure learning and performing in this style of music.

The style involves performing traditional celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar – these are tunes that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin), pipes (bagpipes/uilleann pipes) or played as group arrangements in traditional celtic bands (whistles, pipes, fiddle, bodhran, bazouki…). The idea is to try and mimic (to a degree) the sounds of these traditional instruments using the solo guitar.

To achieve this we aim to use the full register of the guitar usually keeping the melody in the top register and playing a separate bassline in the bottom register. The idea is to accompany yourself whilst playing the melody on the guitar. In many cases we use altered guitar tunings to capture this, these can offer the use of drones throughout the arrangements, increased guitar resonance, and often easier access to the melody notes.

Below is an example of a Traditional Irish Jig called ‘Banish Misfortune’ which is arranged in DADGAD tuning for solo fingerstyle guitar (arr. R. Thompson).

Just some of the other popular altered tunings for this style are CGCGCD (Csus2), DADGBE (Drop D), CGDGCD (Orkney Tuning). And some of the great guitar players that incorporate this style in their playing and composition are John Renbourn, Tony McManus, Martin Simpson, Steve Baughman, Franco Morone, and more recently Jean Banwarth and Stephen Wake.

Below is another example. A traditonal Irish Jig called ‘The Blarney Pilgrim’ which is arranged in DADGAD tuning (arr D. Ernst). Ths tune is traditionally played on the uilleann pipes (Irish pipes).


Keep an eye and ear out as in the coming months I will be recording and releasing a small E.P. of arrangements that I have been working on in Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.

I look forward to sharing more of this music as time and practice allows!

Video Interview – Jan 2018

Had a really nice time at North Highland College in Alness/Scotland (Highlands) last month being interviewed and recorded by two music students for a Monthly Podcast.

One of the music students ‘Ryan Raymond’ captured our interview on camera and has created the the video interview below.

In it we talk about my musical influences, background, guitar playing, song meanings, use of equipment and all round musical happenings in the land of Mr Noble (that’s me!).

As well as this we capture two separate live performances of two of my newest songs, both of which use live looping arrangements throughout the compositions. The first one is my song ‘Home‘, which is a devotional song about partnership and finding, building and nurturing a sense of Home with your significant other. The second song ‘Awakening‘ is a guitar instrumental that utilises the building of live arrangements and improvisation.

I really enjoyed my time at the College and had a lot of fun recording and being interviewed by the students. They held such an open friendly and professional space (Cheers guys!).

Hit play and check out the Video Above ^

January Podcast with North Highland College UHI (Recording + Interview)

Happy to share I visited North Highland College in Alness/Scotland earlier this month to record a couple of songs and take part in an interview for a January podcast that some of the music students were creating for their coursework.

I had one tutor and two students working with me for the podcast. It was a really nice experience, very relaxed and professional. We all worked hard and managed to record two songs in the studio and carry out an interview all in the space of 4 hours. I was very happy with the working environment and made to feel really at ease.

Above are pictures from my time in the studio.

I brought in my loop pedal (Boss RC-1) and recorded one song ‘Home’ and one instrumental ‘Awakening’. We captured both of these as live recordings and overdubbed just one part, a shaker as extra percussion on my song ‘Home’. It was really interesting to hear how a live-set using my live-looping arrangements was going to turn out in the studio as I’d never done this before and alongside this I’ve never recorded ‘Home’ before so all in all some new experiences for me.

Alongside this we recorded an interview for the podcast, audio student ‘Ryan Raymond’ interviewed me asking questions about my songs, equipment, influences, and all round questions on what I’m up to as a musician/singer-songwriter. It was a great experience and I enjoyed sharing it all, this was Ryan’s first ever interview and I reckon he did really well!

You can listen to the final podcast here:

Alignment – New Video for a New Year!

Happy New Year folks!  –  here we go into 2018…

For the new year yesterday I published a new video for my recent release ‘Alignment’. Alignment is a very mellow and meditative song of acoustic guitar + vocal.

I recorded this song in my home studio in Perth/Scotland 2015 (between my kitchen and hallway) after having it on the back burner for a number of years. Performed only a handful of times over the years, I composed Alignment back in 2007 whilst I was living in Edinburgh/Scotland – it was part of a new wave of inspiration, and songs I was composing from that time. Finally Alignment was mastered in 2016 whilst I was living in Elgin/Scotland – this song has had a tour in itself!

Alignment – Video

The video – you can watch below – was filmed whilst visiting family for Christmas on Dec 25th 2015 at Fraserburgh Beach in the North-East of Scotland.

On a calm winters day whilst out walking on the beach I was pleasantly surprised just how calm it was for a winters day and also how quiet it was, given it was Christmas day. Feeling inspired, I sat and filmed this footage on an ipad propped up on my rucksack to try and get a good angle. I had a feeling I would synchronise the footage with one of my songs but didn’t know which one it would be at the time. Just over a year and half later in 2017 I decided to synchronise my track alignment with the video footage, and here it is below!

I am really happy with how it turned out, I enjoy its simplicity…. and the independent music endevour it took for me to put it together. This is the first track where I have done every single element of its creation and release barring just one, the only aspect I never personally completed was mastering the recording.

Alignment is track four of Wilson Noble’s album ‘Here Now’
‘Here Now’ is out everywhere – Purchase/Stream >>> Click Here <<<

New Video – Uprising (Live Looping Arrangement)

I’ve been enjoying creating Live Looping arrangements for my songs. Here is a clip of a Live Looped Arrangement for my song ‘Uprising(Release Details T.B.A.)

And there will come a time
Where all of mankind
Will live as one
With one heart and mind
And one great soul
This is our goal

Uprising, Uprising, Uprising
Rising up, Rising up, Rising up, We’re rising up

This is a Tribal song about the Uprising of Humanity, inspired from the culture and history of Scotlands Uprising to Independence in the 13th and 14th Centuries.

Music and Lyrics.
Copyright 2017 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble

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John Smith support slot @TheDrouthyCobbler 5th Oct 2017

IMG_3705Had an excellent time supporting John Smith on his European/UK tour last night in Morayshire’s city of Elgin at the nice wee homely venue of The Drouthy Cobbler

I knew it would be a sensitive, listening environment so I opted for a mellow stripped back set of acoustic guitar and voice. I selected to play five original songs with guitar and voice, and one guitar instrumental using loops to end – no poetry or Celtic Fingerstyle guitar from me last night!

It was a total pleasure of a venue to perform at, all staff were very professional, welcoming, and warm. The sound was excellent and sound-team likewise – I would highly recommend it. It’s not always you receive such quality professionalism in this industry!

My good lady managed to capture a wee bit of the soundcheck on Facebook Live. Check out the video below – this is 40 mins before performance time, soundchecking for my last song (the one looped instrumental). Cheers to Phil the sound engineer for providing a quality sound!

– Soundcheck –

The audience was lovely and very receptive in a 60 capacity tables and chairs seated venue, the lights were down and the place was silent – a joy to perform. For my set I performed songs: Mother – Old Man – Pilgrim – Home – Heartspace – Awakening. We managed to capture the last four songs live-streamed on Facebook Live. Check them out below!

– Performance (last four songs)

It was very interesting to perform as I’d rehearsed and performed some my songs in different keys for the first time. I’ve been finding since recording some of these songs 10 years ago! that my voice has changed. I took ‘Old Man’ up a tone, ‘Pilgrim’ up two tones, and ‘Home’ down a tone and a half. It was great to hear these adapations in a live setting and experience the audience reaction (which thankfully was positive!).

John Smith’s concert which followed was truly excellent. A full house of beautiful songs, varied in set, and use of instrument(s). John was as warm and welcoming as his audience, his music and performance reminded me why I love music the way I do… Thank you John!

Overall a great experience at The Drouthy Cobbler in Elgin. Thank you John Smith, The Drouthy Cobbler, and Beyond Presents for having us.

We’re looking forward to the return visit!


Wilson Noble – Suzanne Eggins


International Celtic Congress 2017

Poster Header

I was down in Perth this July for the International Celtic Congress 2017. The congress is held annually at a different celtic nation location each year and carries a different theme. This year the congress was celebrating it’s 100th year, and the theme for 2017 was ‘The Musical Traditions of our Celtic Nations’.

Held over a week in Perth, Scotland we heard talks and music from Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man, as well as the opportunity for sharing in Gaelic choir each morning, and going on local historical visits to Scone Palace, The Falkirk Wheel, and visiting the 100ft tall Kelpie Statues. The main venue location was held at The Mercure Perth Hotel.

Each evening also held an informal ceilidh – which grew in confidence each night – were traditional music, dance, and celebration was presented and shared. The congress ended on the last night with a finale concert hosting all represented Celtic Nations.

I attended as a music student, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the whole week, were we were immersed in celtic culture, music, and tradition from so many of our celtic lands. I did perform informally each night at the ceilidh – it was a great joy to share some of my Doric poetry and play in session with the other performers.

Speakers/Performers were:

Dr John Purser (Scotland)
Marine Lavigne (Brittany)
Robin Huw Bowen (Wales)
Dr Maire Breatnach (Ireland)
Jen Dyer & Neil Davey (Cornwall)
Dr Chloe Wooley/The Stitt Family (Isle of Man)
Fionn O hAlmhain (Ireland)

What an excellent experience. I look forward to meeting all these fine celts again!

Stay posted with the International Celtic Congress here at their website