Full Performance – (Danny Kyle Open Stage) ‘Celtic Connections 2020’

Had a really great time through in Glasgow earlier this week performing on the Danny Kyle Stage at Celtic Connections. It’s such a rare two week long festival in Scotland celebrating folk, Ceilidh, and world culture – a real gem of a fest!

I was blessed to perform a 25 minute set, quite nervous with the anticipation of the Celtic Connections stage, and just loved it!

You can watch my full performance below:


I Hold a Vision (W. Noble)

Morning Sunrise (W. Noble)

Div yi ken? (W. Noble)

Wild Mountain Thyme (F. McPeake)

Banish Misfortune (trad. arr R. Thompson)

Ye Banks and Braes (R. Burns)

Huge thanks to Liz Clark, all the soundteam, and organisers of the festival for all of your hard work making the festival and Danny Kyle Stage such a roaring success and pioneering festival on Celtic map.

You can find out about the Celtic Connections festival here: www.celticconnections.com


Happy Burns Day! 🍁

For Rabbie…

Happy Burns Day!

Ye Banks and Braes

“Ye banks and braes o’ bonnie doon
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant ye little birds
And i sae weary full o’ care?

Ye’ll break my heart ye warbling birds
That wanton through the flowery thorn
Ye ‘mind me o’ departed joys
Departed never to return

Oft hae i roved by bonnie doon
To see the rose and woodbine twine
And ilka bird sang o’ its love
And fondly sae did i o’ mine

Wi’ lightsome heart i pulled a rose
Full sweet upon its thorny tree
And my false lover stole my rose
But ah she left the thorn wi’ me”

(Robert Burns, 1791)

*I filmed this on location in bonny Roslin Glen, one of Scotland’s magical places of nature…

Music Sync – ‘Promotional Video’ (Inverness Food & Drink Tours Ltd)

I was delighted to see earlier in the week the finished video for a project that I was involved in last summer (2019). A friend approached me to ask if I would like to contribute a song recording to the promotional video for their new business venture which was looking to be launched early 2020. The business venture involved setting up a new local-culture-focused food & drinks tour within the city of Inverness, celebrating and promoting the local produce and culture of the Highlands of Scotland.

I loved the idea, and it’s focus on local culture and sustaining the local economy within the Highlands, so gladly jumped on board. The video was shot in August 2019 throughout Inverness showcasing the vibrancy and live culture of the city. As well as my song ‘Oceans & Trees‘ from my latest album ‘HUMAN‘ being used as the musical background to the video, I also took part in some of the filming for the day with a live street performance and acting within an outdoor bar scene (see if you can spot me!).

Inverness Food & Drinks Tours: www.foodanddrinktours.co.uk
Filmed by: www.ryanraymond.co.uk
Song: Oceans & Trees
Album: HUMAN

Laughing All The Way To The Bank!

Aaaaahh 2020 you’re coming in like a storm…. Big changes happening inside and out – and they’re not always comfortable!

I have dreamt and visioned a world transforming all of my life. When I was a bairn, all I wanted to do was create, cartoons were my first love, which turned into computer programming to make computer games, then at the age of Fourteen turned into my life-long love of Music!

Creativity has been my closest friend for as long as I can remember, keeping me inspired & always questioning everything that goes on within & all around me – without creativity guiding me throughout all of these years I don’t know where I would be today!

In 2004 after my first ten years of finding my way & path into music (from teaching myself guitar, performance & songwriting, to performing in my first series of bands & first-time studying music at college 2001-2004), I independently recorded, self-produced & released my debut solo singer-songwriter album ‘Who is’.

Since 2004, I have continued listening to my creativity & have created and independently released three further studio albums: ‘What is & Where is – 2006‘, ‘Warmheart – 2014‘, & ‘HUMAN – 2019 ~ each with a distinct story of their own. Here today, I have begun a playlist on spotify celebrating the complete musical journey starting with my latest album and working backwards…

Jump in and have a listen on the link below!

>> Laughing All The Way To The Bank! Playlist on Spotify <<

Laughing Bank 2 - Final

*Thank you for tuning in folks. I hope you enjoy listening to this journey 💚

(please do subscribe to the playlist on Spotify as I’ll be updating it regularly with more music to come!…)

Crowdfunder Success! ‘HUMAN’ Album is Out Now!

HUMAN Album - Out Now

Delighted to announce that after a very busy & succesful November & December Crowdfunding for the release of my brand new studio album. ‘HUMAN’ is Out Now! Available as a beautiful Eco-friendly 4-Panel CD, Digital Download, & for Streaming.

'HUMAN' Limited Edition Ecofile 4-Panel Compact Disc
‘HUMAN’ Limited Edition Ecofile 4-Panel Compact Disc

HUMAN is available worldwide on:

Bandcamp (CD / Download / Stream)

Itunes (Download)

Spotify (Streaming)

Everywhere else (Streaming / Download)

~ HUMAN Love ~

“Wilson Noble’s album ‘Human’ is a delight. Brimful of beautiful guitar playing, deeply thoughtful lyrics, and inventive arrangements. Whether exploring our place in the universe and remembering ancestors, or expressing love in creating a home and family, Wilson’s warm voice is the beguiling thread throughout; gentle and haunting, yet powerful.” – Liza Mullholland

“Beautiful record. Protest songs from the soul” – Neil College, Suckerpunch

“We love your album! What an incredible body of work, it’s so unique and authentic and truly stunning” – Sophie Bonadea

Help make it happen for releasing Scottish Musician Wilson Noble’s new album! ‘HUMAN’

Hi folks,

I am just delighted to share with you that the Crowdfunder for the release of my new album ‘HUMAN’ is now live on Indiegogo!

After quite a few years work on the album it is ready to share! I am Humbled, Excited, Grateful and Delighted to be sharing this with You! 🙏

👉 You can jump into the Crowdfunder campaign for the ‘HUMAN; album here👈

*I hope you enjoy all of the different perks I’ve created for the campaign, and I really hope you enjoy this new album!

AUOB 5th Oct Edinburgh Scottish Independence March Performance + Pics

Such an awesome and powerful day performing at the Scottish Independence March & Rally in Edinburgh last weekend on Saturday October 5th, 2019. I just absolutely loved it!

*Below is a video of my performance at the March and Rally, along with some photo’s captured from the day.

AUOB Edinburgh Oct 5th 2019

Wilson Noble - AUOB Oct 5th Edinburgh 2019

For Future Scottish Independence Marchs and News Check Out ‘All Under One Banner’ >> https://www.allunderonebanner.scot <<

It’s time! Let’s do this – We already are!

‘For I am the Laird’ (New Scottish Poem)

For I am the Laird

For I am the laird, the lord of the land
Through the power of my hand, I set these things undone

I relinquish my land for community use in the name of Wallace and Robert the Bruce
I give to you our people, the soil that makes us whole
I give back to you our Eden, for it has taken its toll

A gift of unity from pain and separation, hoping for democracy, an indigenous revelation
A circle counted as elders, a language that comes first and foremost from the Soul

I give to you our people, the soil that makes us whole
I give back to you our Eden, for it has taken its toll

Scotland, rise – be a nation again

– – – – – – – – –

‘For I am the Laird’ will be on my forthcoming new album ‘HUMAN’. Release details to be announced soon!

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Scottish Independence March – Galashiels 1st June 2019

On Saturday (June 1st) I travelled south to the Scottish Borders for the Scottish Independence March in Galashiels. What a day, around 5000 of us marched through Galashiels declaring our Sovereignty and foremost intention to ceate an Independent Scotland. I performed at the rally in Scott Park in Galashiels after the march – you can watch my performance >>> Here <<<

// Below are a few pictures and a video that I captured form the March //


AUOB Galashiels 2019

An awesome and liberating day for Scotland – with an independence movement that is growing stronger and stronger with every breath. Our independence is coming…

“Yesterday in Galashiels was Awesome! Another great and important victory for the grassroots soul-connected movement that is ‘Scottish Independence’ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Absolutely loved it, and thank you so much for having me on to perform. It was and is a total pleasure to share in what I believe in so strongly with people who hear, share and act on the call. I am humbled by the power of our Scottish Independence movement…

// Thank you to all the organisers, workers, marchers, activists, for creating such a beautiful family-driven powerful and peaceful day of celebration of our nation //

…Stay Strong – Stay True…
….Our Time Has Come…

I performed 4 songs after Marching. Below is a live stream from Independence Live who passionately broadcast the whole March & Rally live. My performance starts at 2hr 47mins (around 10mins long).

*Special thanks to the sound team for working on getting the best sound out of what was a very dynamic situation. Cheers guys, really appreciate it!

#AUOBGalashiels #AUOB #IndyRef #IndyRef2 #ItsTime All Under One Banner #Freedom #People #Power #Place #ScottishIndependence

‘Lost Ancestors’

| Lost Ancestors | 👣

This is a song dedicated to the ancient shamanic cultures in our world and to our sacred indigenous roots. 🌱

I have had a deep love for tribal and shamanic culture for a very long time, and have felt a deep on-going sadness at the disconnection that I have experienced in my own life, and that I have seen and see in so many of us in our society – a disconnection from our roots of who we are as a people deeply connected to the earth.

For me, tribal and shamanic cultures know intrinsically how to be and live in harmony with our shared eco-system and awesome home – Earth. I feel for us to move forward as a people and humanity we must remember and embrace who we are from our past, stop fighting it and bring it into peace in our present, so we can create an incredible future… 🌏

All I know is that we cannot truly move forward, transform the mess we see in our world, until we embrace our past. Knowing we are, will set us free…

*🍂This song goes out in celebration of all the indigenous and first people’s of our world. 🌿

| Lost Ancestors | Out Monday 27th May 2019 >> https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wilsonnoble/lost-ancestors <<