Universe Sings (Single) Official Release March 31st

Universe Sings

And I feel my soul, oh so old
I am here for you
The sun, the earth, and the moon in the sky
They unite, to tell us why, we are here
We are here

I know it’s been, such a long, long time
Searching for purpose, in this great design
The universe sings, calling us home, we are home
We are home

And I feel like you are here with me

UNIVERSE SINGS is out now on Bandcamp and will be released on all other major platforms March 31st. You can get yours at ‘name your price>> Here

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I was delighted to release my brand new single ‘Universe Sings’ on Bandcamp earlier this month, watch out for its official release on all other major platforms on March 31st.

About The Song: The song ‘Universe Sings’ is about remembering our place in the universe as individuals and as a humanity; realising that the universe sings through humanity and that humanity sings through the universe, all of the time. And that together, they sing, one song. ‘Universe Sings’ is the first time I have ever combined an electronic sample with acoustic instruments as a commercial track, it’s been a very exciting process and I have loved composing with and sharing these sounds! 

Video: I purposefully composed this song to be able to perform its multi-layered arrangement live as a solo artist. And last month I was really happy to share a live video session of the song performed solo here in our home studio in Inverness. Also, earlier this month I released a second video for the song, a montage video created from video clips and photographs captured in and around the Highlands of Scotland. You can watch both videos below:

‘Universe Sings’ will be a song on my forthcoming new album, HUMAN which is set for release this summer 2019. If you enjoy what you’re hearing and would like to dive deeper into the journey with me, receive exclusive news, offers, and updates on the album before anyone else. Click Here to Sign up for my Regular Newsletter.

*** Free Giveaway *** (Scotland – Poem)

Scotland Artwork - Final

Hi folks, for a limited time I am giving away a Free Copy of my Spoken Word poem ‘SCOTLAND’ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

* The Free Copy comes with a spoken word performance audio file, a PDF transcription of the poem in three different versions, and an MPEG video file of a spoken word performance of the poem filmed in Inverness. 🎻

‘Scotland’ will be a track on my forthcoming new album, HUMAN. Which is looking to released along with a small Scottish tour, summer 2019.

Thank you for all your support folks. I’m really looking forward to sharing more of this journey with you! 😉

#WNobleMusic #HumanJourney #Scotland

New Album ‘HUMAN’ – coming soon!

Nov 18, 2018 - New Album News2

Excited to announce that my new album ‘HUMAN’ is well under way.

I’ve been in the studio all through December bringing together the songs, sounds & journey that I’ve been working on for months – & in some cases many years.

The new album ‘HUMAN’ is looking to be released Spring 2019. I’ll be posting teasers & updates before the release.

*Below is an introductory video going behind the scenes of the new album ‘Human’.


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Thank you for all your support folks, I’m looking forward to sharing this one with you!


New Album: ‘Here Now’ Celebrating Ten Years – Out Sun Oct 14th

Wilson Noble - Here Now

Hi folks, I’m excited to announce that my new album ‘Here Now’ will be out everywhere this Sunday 14th October. ‘Here Now’ is a 14 track compilation album that celebrates and spans the first ten years of my busy recording career!

From intro track ‘Pray’ recorded in a home-studio 2004 in Aberdeen to final track ‘Warmheart’ recorded at Temple Records Studios in Midlothian and released in 2014, the album celebrates and showcases the depth and variety of my first ten years in the studio and I’m very excited to share it with you!

I’ve done my best to create it as an introduction to who I am as an Artist – I know that knowing where someone comes from and where they have been gives you the best idea, sense, and sight towards where they might be going…

It’s taken a good few years to bring this one together, as I’ve been preparing my ten year catalogue for independent release, as well as studying two full-time music degree’s, and working as a freelance guitar tutor. For all of my music fans over the past ten (and more) years, thank you for all of your support, it means the world to me, and I hope you enjoy this new compilation album celebrating my first ten years.. And to any new Wilson Noble music fans I hope this album offers a great insight and introduction to who I am as an Artist, letting you see where I have been, and giving you a good idea towards where I am going..

“Here Now encompasses and brings together five separate recording sessions, captured within three regions of Scotland, and encapsulates Wilson’s conscious blend of folk-inspired acoustic singer-songwriting material. A must-have and listen for any new or existing Wilson Noble fan!”

‘Here Now’ is out everywhere October 14th!

Pre-Save the album on spotify before it drops. >>> Click Here <<<

*This album is completely independently produced*

Morning Sunrise – Art Music (New Video & Loop Soundscape)

Morning Sunrise

I’m delighted to share a new video and piece of art music. I have been working on creating soundscapes of music that capture different qualities of existence and experience, this piece titled ‘Morning Sunrise’ has been composed with the intention of capturing and emulating a natural world experience of the sun coming up in the morning. Composed during Springtime at home in the Highlands of Scotland, where after a particularly cold Winter (at least for me!), the Springtime arrived with much relief…

The piece is performed as a live-loop arrangement of solo acoustic guitar, were layers of sound are first built up to form the soundscape foundation, before an improvised melody takes the listener and performer on a journey through a Morning Sunrise…

Filmed and recorded in Perth, Scotland at Ice Breaker Studios (previously Clearwater Studios) by David MacAart and Sean Mulholland of Stone Cold Media and Vindicam Sound, during August 2018. I would like to thank David and Sean for their professionalism, hard work, and commitment to music, it was a pleasure working with them.

Stay tuned, I am looking forward to recording a new E.P. in the near future which will host ‘Morning Sunrise’ in the tracklisting.

I hope you like this new music. Thank you for all your support folks, it means the world to me!

Wilson 😉

2014 Album ‘Warmheart’ Out Now!

Delighted to announce that my 2014 acoustic-roots album Warmheart is now available in online distribution stores to stream and download.


Warmheart was recorded, mixed and mastered at Temple Records Studio in Midlothian, Scotland between 2012 – 2014. The album encapsulates my experiences, soul awakenings, cultural and collective memories, and sheer passion and devotion to my spiritual purpose, all of which were embodied throughout my time whilst living in Edinburgh/Scotland between 2007 – 2013.

Warmheart is an album of commitment and dedication, and through suffering endured throughout, a testament to my humanity. It is very challenging to put down in words, just how much the journey of Warmheart means to me. I am hoping in the near future, I’ll be able to share far more clearly and fully, just how much was involved and experienced through the creation of this album. Until then, I hope you can enjoy listening to it! …

Warmheart comes directly in sequence after my 2006 album What is & Where is. You can listen and download the album from the link below.

1. Warmheart    07:53
2. I Hold a Vision     06:12
3. Mother    05:30
4. Heartspace    04:34
5. Rainbow Goddess    04:12
6. New World Rising    05:08
7. Uprising    05:08
8. Her Song    03:43


New Demo Released – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

-Delighted to announce the release of my new demo-

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

‘Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos’ is a 4 track demo and introduction to Wilson Noble’s playing of Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar is a beautiful style of solo guitar playing that involves performing traditional Celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar. These are tunes that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin), pipes (bagpipes/uilleann pipes) or played as group arrangements in traditional Celtic bands (whistles, pipes, fiddle, bodhran…). The idea is to try and mimic the sounds of these traditional instruments using the solo guitar.

For this recording I have chosen to perform four of my favourite Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar pieces that have been arranged by some of my favourite musicians and guitar players. The demo includes three jigs performed in DADGAD guitar tuning and one Slow Air performed in CSUS2 guitar tuning.

Details of all of the pieces including original arranger, tune type, key and guitar tuning are listed below:

1. Banish Misfortune (Jig) E Mixolydian DADGAD (Richard Thompson arr.)
2. The Blarney Pilgrim (Jig) E Ionian DADGAD (David Ernst arr.)
3. The Sleeping Tune (Air) D Ionian CSUS2 (Tony McManus arr.)
4. Shepherds Delight (Jig) F# Ionian DADGAD (Martin Simpson arr.)

Stream and Download Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos here

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar is a style of guitar playing that I really love, I’m looking forward to developing my technique and repertoire more. Keep an eye and ear out for future releases by signing up to mailing list

*Also, I’m looking forward to launching a new guitar workshop titled ‘Explorations with Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar’. find out more about this workshop: here