Live Looping

For just over three years I have been exploring the wonderful art of looping and creating Live Looped Arrangements.

As a simple explanation. Looping involves playing a piece of music that is recorded and then plays back around as a repeat of itself in a continuous loop until you decide to either add to it by recording more layers of music to the loop, play live over the top of the recorded loop, just listen to the continuous loop itself, or stop the loop – the possibilities are endless… Live Looped Arrangements involve creating multi-layered live performances.

I like to create live looped arrangements of soundscapes which build up layers of sound, rhythm, melody, harmony and improvisation in a live performance situation, as well as add live looping arrangements in some of my original songs. Below are two examples of my live looping work – both are performed and recorded in one continuous take.

The first one is a live performance captured at Glachbeg Folk Club 17th April 2018. Here I present two instrumental soundscapes were I build up layers of sound and music using looping, and one original song where I add a live looped arrangement to the end of the song.

Morning Sunrise – Awakening – Pilgrim (Glachbeg Folk Club April 2018)


The second one is a demo recording of an acoustic instrumental soundscape, recorded in my home studio 7th April 2018. Here I build up layers of sound just using the acoustic guitar. I begin by creating a foundation of sound by adding a 16 bar drum rhythm, a guitar arpeggio, and then chords. I add to this by performing melodic lines and improvisations over the top of the loop before continuing to build up more layers of sound and further improvisations. This one is available as a Free Download – just click on the Download button below.

Awakening (Live Studio Demo)

Stay tuned, I look forward to sharing more of this journey…