Mother – Single

MotherMother is a mellow song written and dedicated to Mother Earth. This is a stripped back song using only acoustic guitar and vocal.

The song was first written in 2009, recorded in demo form 2010, before being professionally recorded in 2012 at Temple Records Studio in Midlothian, Scotland.

“The song was inspired from my healing and awakening time with nature. I used to spend countless hours with tree’s, communing, listening, and healing with nature. She helped me through some pretty rough emotions, always listening, always giving, always there. Nature has been a total friend throughout my journey.”

Mother – Music Video

In 2016 Wilson created a music video to complement the song Mother. The video captures moments and time spent with nature, and presents some of Wilson’s journey. You can read more about the video here.



So kind so gentle so strong so brave
So beautiful and oh so true
So humble so peaceful so loving so wise
So wonderful so beautiful that’s you


And you’re always there giving what you got
And asking for nothing in return
Great mother oh how I love you
Great mother oh how I love you

If I had an idol in this world
If I had a torch to hold
If I had a friend that I would turn to
If I had a love to hold

It would be you


Your wisdom your light your strength and wonder
Your love your hope is passed on
Your grace your peace your honour divine
This balance she lives on

Through me



Mother out May 5th 2017

(Available from most major stores. Purchase/Stream from link below)




Track Info

Music and Lyrics composed by Wilson Noble PRS
All tracks performed by Wilson Noble (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar).

Recorded by Ewan McGregor at Temple Records Studio 2012.
Mixed by Ewan McGregor, Suzanne Mary Kelly and Wilson Noble 2012.
Mastered by Ewan McGregor 2014.

Artwork by Wilson Noble 2017.

Copyright 2014-2017 Twin Soul / Wilson Noble

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