Alignment – Single

Final Cover - Alignment

Alignment is a very mellow and meditative song of acoustic guitar + vocal.

I recorded Alignment in my home studio in Perth/Scotland 2015 (between my kitchen and hallway) after having it on the back burner for a number of years. Performed only a handful of times over the years, I composed Alignment back in 2007 whilst I was living in Edinburgh/Scotland – it was part of a new wave of inspiration, and songs I was composing from that time. Finally Alignment was mastered in 2016 whilst I was living in Elgin/Scotland.

It is a song about depth and self-reflection, a meditative mindsate, emotional release, and coming into harmony with yourself.

Guitar Tuning: DGDGBD (Open G)

Alignment – Music Video

The video for Alignment was filmed whilst visiting family for Christmas on Dec 25th 2015 at Fraserburgh Beach in the North-East of Scotland.

On a calm winters day whilst out walking on the beach I was pleasantly surprised just how calm it was for a winters day and also how quiet it was, given it was Christmas day. Feeling inspired, I sat and filmed this footage on an ipad propped up on my rucksack to try and get a good angle. I had a feeling I would synchronise the footage with one of my songs but didn’t know which one it would be at the time. Just over a year and half later in 2017 I decided to synchronise the footage with my song Alignment. Here it is below!


He aligns his life to see it through
He aligns his thoughts to see it through
He aligns his feelings

All of this to see
All of this oh to be
All of this to see
To be me

Alignment released Dec 27th 2017

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Track Info

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Wilson Noble PRS
Wilson Noble: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mixed by Wilson Noble 2015.
Mastered by Landr 2016.

Artwork: Wilson Noble 2017.

Copyright 2015-2017 Twin Soul Music / Wilson Noble