Celtic Guitar

Recently, within the last three years I have been studying Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar. It has been, and continues to be, such a pleasure learning and performing in this style of music.

The style involves performing traditional celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar – these are tunes that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin) or played as group arrangements in traditional celtic bands (whistles, bohran, pipes, fiddle…) The idea is to try and mimic (to a degree) the sounds of these traditional instruments using the guitar.

To achieve this – in many cases – we use altered guitar tunings, that allow the use of drones throughout the arrangements, increased guitar resonance, and often easier access to the melody notes.

Below is an example of a Traditional Irish Jig called ‘Banish Misfortune’ which is arranged in DADGAD tuning for solo fingerstyle guitar. (arr. by R. Thompson)

Some other popular altered tunings for this style are CGCGCD (Csus2), DADGBE (Drop D), CGDGCD (Orkney Tuning). I look forward to sharing more of this music as time and practice allows!