wilson noble (bella 18)Wilson Noble (Scottish Singer-Songwriter & Loop Artist)

Born in Aberdeen (1980), Wilson has been sculpting his own unique independent path in the modern music industries, & embracing music & culture heart-on for the best part of three decades…

His 4th Independent Studio Album ‘HUMAN’ is Out Now:

Genres: Acoustic / Roots / Celtic / Shamanic

Influences: Newton Faulkner / John Martyn / Xavier Rudd

The evolution of an authentic artist’s life will never be a straight line from point-A to point-B. If you’re open to experiences of all kinds without any limitations, and discover the courage to change in pursuit of your dreams, the journey will take you all over the map, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, – just like it did for Wilson Noble, as he shaped himself into the conscious singer/songwriter and man he is today.

Early Days

In his earliest days, he grew up in Northeast Scotland, in the small fishing town of Fraserburgh. Learning the vulnerable nature of life and death early with the loss of two close friends as a teenager, followed by a tragic series of drug-related deaths in his local community left it’s indelible mark on a young Wilson. His small Scottish hometown being headlined as ‘The heroin capital of Europe’ for its size during the 90’s, along with the town’s main economic industry (fishing) being turned on its head. Wilson, with a strong appetite for life knew at the age of 18 he had to move on if he was going to grow.


Spending the next seven years in the city of Aberdeen, Wilson challenged himself in every direction he could. For years he’d shied away from the public eye, and the mere thought of singing or performing music live for an audience was a guaranteed inducement of extremely high anxiety – but he chose to no longer accept that as his reality. In a true effort to change his course, he refined his musicianship as best he could, and joined a series of Metal & Hard-Rock bands, which allowed him to express on stage what was otherwise impossible. Wilson’s confidence grew…and in bold new ways, a unique passion had been unlocked and one that he would carry into all of his music endeavors…

It would only be a year or so later, that he arguably either nearly died, or was completely born again.

Waking up in the hospital after being unconscious for the full twenty-four hours prior due to a massive consumption & life-changing experience with LSD – Wilson came to, with an extraordinary vision. Filled with purpose and a true sense of understanding of his own role & place in this world, he dove deeper into his soul, psyche, & music than ever before, yielding enough songs to form his tender debut record, Who Is in 2004.


Portfolio Wilson Noble www.wilsonnoble.comEmbracing the artist he was always destined to become, his journey into music had now fully begun. With incredible help from his family, and in a sincere effort to throw himself completely into the art, Wilson traveled clear across the globe to travel, live and work in Australia & South-East Asia over the next year to follow. Composing and writing his second record What Is & Where Is, Noble left his electric guitar behind, in favor of now developing a sincerely heartfelt & spiritually acoustic style of his own design, inspired by beauty, philosophy, culture and poetry.

With his newfound worldly experience, Wilson moved back home to Scotland & continued to transform his music in exciting directions. He collaborated & played live with talented players from around the country, took on charity events, and even began training as a holistic practitioner, and hosting holistic community events. He recorded his third record Warmheart, a stripped back, sensitive and passionate acoustic-roots album, in the infamous folk label ‘Temple Records Studio’ in Edinburgh. A devastating funding experience happened during this time which ended Wilson’s alternative work as an events organiser, and forced him to look at his life and career in a brand new way. It became one of the most defining moments in Wilson Noble’s music career.


He refocused, relocated to Perth in Central Scotland, and pursued the education he’d long sought after. Spending the next five years-plus at University, he passionately worked through courses embracing Popular Music, & Traditional Music & Ceilidh Culture, with his studies taking him to live and work around the country, as he worked his way towards his Master’s Degree in Music, BA (Hons) Applied Music Degree, and HNC in Music. In order to complete his Master’s Degree, Wilson’s journey had to come full circle, and required him to gather the sum total of his experiences in a compelling & insightful way that put his passion, creativity, spirituality, and heart on display in an all-new light for the world to see. His final project was his fourth record, called HUMAN – an album filled with songs that genuinely reflected the man that Wilson Noble had become after chasing his destiny for so very long, only to discover the place where he belonged was right inside him all along. Officially scheduled for release online throughout the globe in 2019, HUMAN is the audible tale of an artist’s journey to the center of their true calling & purpose, every bit as much as it’s the results of connecting to it and revealing the magic of music that bonds each of us together.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer, Poet, and Loop Artist – join Wilson Noble as he brings his special & signature blend of Alt/Folk and Acoustic/Roots music right to the people, where it sincerely belongs. He currently resides in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, where he enthusiastically teaches music and performs on a regular basis. Off the back of a succesful crowdfunding campaign during December 2019, Wilson’s 4th Independent Studio album ‘HUMAN’ is out now.

Wilson Noble Live 2 CLR Hi-ResGigs

Over the the past fifteen years Wilson has performed at events all around Scotland and the UK, including Celtic Connections, XpoNorth, Belladrum Festival, and at venues including The Lemon Tree/Aberdeen, Adrian Boult Hall/Birmingham, and Lyth Arts Centre/Wick (full performance list can be found here). Currently Wilson manages himself as an independent artist, and is preparing a Scottish tour to promote his forthcoming studio album, HUMAN. 


“Raw emotion straight from the heart can be expected in Wilsons songs and live performances. His music lets the sun in and lifts the soul. Not to be missed.” – Liam Ross fingerstyle guitarist

“Great concert last night, Wilson is just an extraordinary guitarist and entertained us with many of his own compositions and a couple of old favourites. His unique, quiet style and deep, soft lyrics held us spellbound throughout” – Dougie Simpson Author

“Scotland’s very own sunshine troubadour, Wilson Noble is the brightest new addition to the singer/songwriting world.” – James Black naked promotions


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