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HeartspaceHeartspace released – 26th March 2017




MotherMother released – 22nd April 2017




StarsStars released – 13th Sep 2017




AlignmentAlignment released – 27th Dec 2017




What is & Where isWhat is & Where is (2006 Album) released – 3rd March 2018




I Will Not Accept These Beliefs released – 15th March 2018

Where in the World released – 17th March 2018

I have been busy preparing my back catalogue for Independent release. So far I have released seven recordings, two from 2012, recorded at Temple Records studio in Midlothian, Scotland. A full double album from 2006 recorded in a home studio in Aberdeen, Scotland (re-mastered 2016). Two singles from 2014 recorded in a home studio in Perth, Scotland. And one single from 2009 recorded in a mobile recording studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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