Scottish Independence AUOB Kirkcaldy Ceilidh 01.08.20

Enjoyed a rare and brilliant day oot yesterday in Kinghorn in the Kingdom of Fife/Scotland performing as part of the All Under One Banner and Broadcasting Scotland’s on-site virtual Kirkcaldy Ceilidh. Here’s a clip of myself and Neil Mackay playing folk classic ‘The Wild Rover’ to end the show.

Closing Song ‘The Wild Rover’ AUOB Kirkcaldy Ceilidh

The event was held and hosted in Yes2 Kirkcaldy co-chairperson Roy Mackie’s home in Kinghorn. It was lovely, Roy and his wife were so welcoming and hospitable to us all as we set up an independent tv production site on their balcony and front room. It was a wonderful day, we were set near the sea front and the weather thankfully stayed brilliant throughout.

*below are some behind the scenes pictures from yesterday’s event:

The show was presented by AUOB’s Neil Mackay who introduced the show and the guests, and played in between all of the guests. For this event, as well as Neil Mackay presenting, we had Kirkcaldy local musician ‘Target 13’, local Yes2 Kirkcaldy co-chair and Ceilidh host ‘Roy Mackay’, (all pictured above), and myself ‘Wilson Noble. It was a real joy to be a part of, this was actually the first real-world interactive performance I have particpiated in since the lockdown restrictions in March. Neil and I even managed to have a bit of a play together on a few tunes and songs (Spootiskerry, The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie, and The Wild Rover).

The show was broadcast from Scotland’s very own independent broadcaster ‘Broadcasting Scotland’. There was a great mix of song, poetry and instrumental music as well as a very touching chat with Roy about his reasoning and desire for Scottish Independence. A great show to enjoy! You can watch the full 2 hour Ceilidh here:

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