May Online Concerts – First Concert this Sunday – Song Requests?

FB Cover - Sun Tree 6pm-7pm

Dear all,

I warmly invite you to a new series of live online concerts that I will be presenting throughout May! Five one-hour-long concerts will be streamed via facebook live every Sunday between 6pm – 7pm GMT directly from my living room to yours 🙂

CONCERT LINK: Join in Every Sunday this month between 6pm – 7pm GMT from Wilsons facebook page directly at:

FB Event Link >>click here <<

*all performances will be saved to facebook & available on-demand for anyone who can’t make it during the concert time.

“Wilson will be performing a special variety of music in each hour-long concert focusing on his own back catalogue of original songs and instrumental music, along with improvised live looping, soundscapes, folk and traditional music, Celtic guitar, and poetry.”
REQUESTS: If you would like to put in a request for a song or piece of music to be performed for you or a loved one at one of these gigs. I am taking requests to be performed at these concerts exclusively via my newsletter! You can sign up to my newsletter here 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

PAYMENT: Due to the recent world situation almost all of my performances and scheduled work throughout this Spring and Summer has been either cancelled or postponed (and for the forseeable future). This has caused some very important income streams and work opportunities for me to simply disappear! After much consideration, reflection, re-shuffling and preparation I felt the best way forward for me to now bring my music to you and to continue working! is via online platforms – with these new online concerts being an introduction to that.

These concerts are all presented on a donation basis so that everyone whom would like to can have access to the gigs. Please consider making a financial payment if you are in a position to as it greatly helps put food on the table! I am hugely appreciative for your support in this way 🙂

There are a variety of ways to show your appreciation for these gigs

1) TICKET: You can purchase a ticket prior to any of the shows from my Online Shop on bandcamp. Each ticket comes with a full digital download of my latest album ‘HUMAN’. Suggested Donation £5 (or more if you want!)

2) Donate: to my PAYPAL tip jar:

3) Buy: my CD and Downloads from my online shop (With 30% discount!)
*Use discount code >> maylove << at checkout to receive an exclusive 30% off all purchases throughout May!

4) Social Media: If you are not in a position to financially contribute please consider using your social media currency by sharing the livestream concerts when they happen, creating watch parties during and after the gigs, and liking, sharing and commenting on any posts and streams!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I sincerely hope everyone is doing well in these most challenging of times. My deep thanks and gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you for suporting my music! I look forward to seeing you at the shows!

In love and gratitude 🙂



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