Music Sync – ‘Promotional Video’ (Inverness Food & Drink Tours Ltd)

I was delighted to see earlier in the week the finished video for a project that I was involved in last summer (2019). A friend approached me to ask if I would like to contribute a song recording to the promotional video for their new business venture which was looking to be launched early 2020. The business venture involved setting up a new local-culture-focused food & drinks tour within the city of Inverness, celebrating and promoting the local produce and culture of the Highlands of Scotland.

I loved the idea, and it’s focus on local culture and sustaining the local economy within the Highlands, so gladly jumped on board. The video was shot in August 2019 throughout Inverness showcasing the vibrancy and live culture of the city. As well as my song ‘Oceans & Trees‘ from my latest album ‘HUMAN‘ being used as the musical background to the video, I also took part in some of the filming for the day with a live street performance and acting within an outdoor bar scene (see if you can spot me!).

Inverness Food & Drinks Tours:
Filmed by:
Song: Oceans & Trees
Album: HUMAN

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