Laughing All The Way To The Bank!

Aaaaahh 2020 you’re coming in like a storm…. Big changes happening inside and out – and they’re not always comfortable!

I have dreamt and visioned a world transforming all of my life. When I was a bairn, all I wanted to do was create, cartoons were my first love, which turned into computer programming to make computer games, then at the age of Fourteen turned into my life-long love of Music!

Creativity has been my closest friend for as long as I can remember, keeping me inspired & always questioning everything that goes on within & all around me – without creativity guiding me throughout all of these years I don’t know where I would be today!

In 2004 after my first ten years of finding my way & path into music (from teaching myself guitar, performance & songwriting, to performing in my first series of bands & first-time studying music at college 2001-2004), I independently recorded, self-produced & released my debut solo singer-songwriter album ‘Who is’.

Since 2004, I have continued listening to my creativity & have created and independently released three further studio albums: ‘What is & Where is – 2006‘, ‘Warmheart – 2014‘, & ‘HUMAN – 2019 ~ each with a distinct story of their own to tell.

Here today, I have begun a playlist on spotify celebrating the evolving musical journey starting with my latest album and working backwards…

Jump in and have a listen on the link below!

>> Laughing All The Way To The Bank! Playlist on Spotify <<

Laughing Bank 2 - Final

(Thank you for tuning in folks. Please do subscribe to the playlist on Spotify as I’ll be updating it regularly with more music to come!…) 💚

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