2014 Album ‘Warmheart’ Out Now!

Delighted to announce that my 2014 acoustic-roots album Warmheart is now available in online distribution stores to stream and download.


Warmheart was recorded, mixed and mastered at Temple Records Studio in Midlothian, Scotland between 2012 – 2014. The album encapsulates my experiences, soul awakenings, cultural and collective memories, and sheer passion and devotion to my spiritual purpose, all of which were embodied throughout my time whilst living in Edinburgh/Scotland between 2007 – 2013.

Warmheart is an album of commitment and dedication, and through suffering endured throughout, a testament to my humanity. It is very challenging to put down in words, just how much the journey of Warmheart means to me. I am hoping in the near future, I’ll be able to share far more clearly and fully, just how much was involved and experienced through the creation of this album. Until then, I hope you can enjoy listening to it! …

Warmheart comes directly in sequence after my 2006 album What is & Where is. You can listen and download the album from the link below.

1. Warmheart    07:53
2. I Hold a Vision     06:12
3. Mother    05:30
4. Heartspace    04:34
5. Rainbow Goddess    04:12
6. New World Rising    05:08
7. Uprising    05:08
8. Her Song    03:43


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