New Demo Released – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

-Delighted to announce the release of my new demo-

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos

‘Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos’ is a 4 track demo and introduction to Wilson Noble’s playing of Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar is a beautiful style of solo guitar playing that involves performing traditional Celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar. These are tunes that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin), pipes (bagpipes/uilleann pipes) or played as group arrangements in traditional Celtic bands (whistles, pipes, fiddle, bodhran…). The idea is to try and mimic the sounds of these traditional instruments using the solo guitar.

For this recording I have chosen to perform four of my favourite Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar pieces that have been arranged by some of my favourite musicians and guitar players. The demo includes three jigs performed in DADGAD guitar tuning and one Slow Air performed in CSUS2 guitar tuning.

Details of all of the pieces including original arranger, tune type, key and guitar tuning are listed below:

1. Banish Misfortune (Jig) E Mixolydian DADGAD (Richard Thompson arr.)
2. The Blarney Pilgrim (Jig) E Ionian DADGAD (David Ernst arr.)
3. The Sleeping Tune (Air) D Ionian CSUS2 (Tony McManus arr.)
4. Shepherds Delight (Jig) F# Ionian DADGAD (Martin Simpson arr.)

Stream and Download Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Guitar Demos here

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar is a style of guitar playing that I really love, I’m looking forward to developing my technique and repertoire more. Keep an eye and ear out for future releases by signing up to mailing list

*Also, I’m looking forward to launching a new guitar workshop titled ‘Explorations with Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar’. find out more about this workshop: here  

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