Launching New Guitar Workshop

Delighted to announce my new guitar workshop which I’ll be launching as part of a Concert + Workshop series beginning in Aug this year.

The workshop titled ‘Explorations with Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar‘ is an introductory workshop exploring the very beautiful acoustic guitar technique and style of Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar involves the playing of traditional Celtic melodies (tunes) as arrangements for solo acoustic guitar. These are melodies that are primarily written for solo fiddle (violin), pipes (bagpipes/uilleann pipes) or played as group arrangements in traditional Celtic bands (whistle, pipes, fiddle, bodhran…). The idea is to try and mimic the sounds and techniques of these traditional instruments using the solo guitar… read more

During the workshop we will be exploring:

  • Basic Fingerstyle Technique
  • Altered Guitar Tunings
  • Separating the Melody from the Bass
  • Traditional Ornamentation and Altered Tuning Techniques
  • A full Celtic Fingerstyle arrangement of a popular Irish Jig in the DADGAD Altered Tuning


Wilson Noble - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop sm (Jpg)

Click to enlarge poster

I’m very much looking forward to launching and sharing the workshop as I love this guitar style and technique, it is so enjoyable and rewarding to play. It’s debut will be launched at The Lyth Arts Centre in Wick/Scotland on Thurs 9th August, commencing at 2pm. The workshop will be held in the afternoon before an evening performance of a solo Wilson Noble concert.

Look forward to seeing you there. Contact me if you have any questions.

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