International Celtic Congress 2017

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I was down in Perth this July for the International Celtic Congress 2017. The congress is held annually at a different celtic nation location each year and carries a different theme. This year the congress was celebrating it’s 100th year, and the theme for 2017 was ‘The Musical Traditions of our Celtic Nations’.

Held over a week in Perth, Scotland we heard talks and music from Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man, as well as the opportunity for sharing in Gaelic choir each morning, and going on local historical visits to Scone Palace, The Falkirk Wheel, and visiting the 100ft tall Kelpie Statues. The main venue location was held at The Mercure Perth Hotel.

Each evening also held an informal ceilidh – which grew in confidence each night – were traditional music, dance, and celebration was presented and shared. The congress ended on the last night with a finale concert hosting all represented Celtic Nations.

I attended as a music student, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the whole week, were we were immersed in celtic culture, music, and tradition from so many of our celtic lands. I did perform informally each night at the ceilidh – it was a great joy to share some of my Doric poetry and play in session with the other performers.

Speakers/Performers were:

Dr John Purser (Scotland)
Marine Lavigne (Brittany)
Robin Huw Bowen (Wales)
Dr Maire Breatnach (Ireland)
Jen Dyer & Neil Davey (Cornwall)
Dr Chloe Wooley/The Stitt Family (Isle of Man)
Fionn O hAlmhain (Ireland)

What an excellent experience. I look forward to meeting all these fine celts again!

Stay posted with the International Celtic Congress here at their website

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