Glasgow Songwriting Festival 18-20 Aug

Just got back yesterday from the Glasgow Songwriting Festival. It was a jam packed educational and creative experience focusing on Songwriting skills, craft and technique. The festival was held over three days, between three venues in Glasgow, and was taught by four professional songwriters/tutors/performers.

The first night included an opening concert from all four tutors (Findlay Naper, Emma Pollock, Karine Polwart, Jim Hunter), it was a lovely, warm, and friendly evening held at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, and a great opportunity for the majority of the festival goers to begin to get to know each other.


Over the next two days we were put into small groups and taught by all four tutors over the two full days. It was an intensive time, a lot of learning, and exploring different songwriting tips and techniques from each tutor. I found it very wholesome being taught by all four tutors, it was a great and well rounded experience looking at and teaching from different angles.

On the second night almost all of the group descended on a local bowling club social venue for an evening sing-around. It was brilliant a night of sharing music, collaborations, and things we had learnt and songs we had written on the day, as well as a very enjoyable and sociable evening of musical celebration! I loved it!

The whole event was very well organised and very organic, open, positive, and constructive, a real community as well as individual learning experience. There was so much to it – I enjoyed the entire the thing. I have learnt a lot from each of the classes, as well as being given the opporunity to collaboratively work, meet, and network with new creative peers.

I’d thoroughly recommend it! Look forward to more of this in the future 😉

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