All About the Song – 13th June: Glasgow

Street Art – Glasgow

Had a great wee time visiting Glasgow earlier this week at The Scottish Music Centre. I went down to attend a workshop called ‘All About the Song’ hosted by the Musicians Union & BASCA.

The workshop was an opportunity for people to get feedback from a panel of Industry Professionals on their songs. It was a great group of around twenty people, all with a wide range and diversity of music to share – I took down a rough recording of a new arrangement of a song I’ve been working on. The panel was really helpful, with constructive and positive feedback all round. Something to take home and think about definitely!

Panelists included Dan Moore (Basca), Mike Macdermid (Scottish singer/songwriter), Keren McKean (Snow Patrol), and Derick Mackinnon (New Found Sound) stepped in last minute to replace Marcus Mackay who couldn’t be there.


Workshop Description:

“The MU and BASCA invite you to attend a workshop for songwriters, giving you the opportunity to receive feedback on your songs and to share lessons, tools and techniques to help you as a songwriter.

Sessions include an In Conversation and Q&A with Songwriter Mike Macdermid, and a song critique panel with Mike Macdermid, Marcus Mackay, Keren McKean and Dan Moore.”

As well as the workshop, it was a great round trip around a good half of Scotland in a day for me. From Moray (Elgin) to the Highlands down the Cairngorms to Perth then the Central Belt, then back up the East coast through Angus (Dundee), to Aberdeen before back to Elgin. I absolutely loved seeing and experiencing all the scenery and sensing all the different regions as we went through them. What a bonny country we live in!


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