Tony McManus Guitar Workshop 14th Feb 2016

Enjoyed a fine afternoon guitar workshop with Tony McManus this February 14th at Gartly Community Hall, near Huntly. The afternoon workshop was part of Tonys appearance at the community hall, with his performance happening in the evening.

It was a relatively small gathering of intrigued guitarists wondering what we’d learn from a celtic guitar master. Tony was on form and shared some different tunings that work well with celtic music, some celtic rythyms, a harp like technical exercise, and finished with a slip jig.

It was very pleasant and enjoyable to be around a group of guitarists, all willing to learn and be open to exploration. As well as the harp like exercise in dadgad tuning, I also came away with a nice 6/8 celtic rythym with the accents using downstrokes on beats 1 and 3 of the first triplet.

Really great, Tony put on an excellent show in the evening as well.

Tony McManus Workshop 14th Feb 2016. Tin Hut Gartly.

The event was put on by the Tin Hut Sessions. I would recommend anyone interested in hearing some good national and international artists in an intimate and simple setting in the North East of Scotland check them out. You can find them at Tin Hut Sessions